Unpack a dream (or nightmare) with an intuitive interpretation.

Have you had a recent dream (or nightmare) and have no idea what it means, let alone what it could be encouraging for you?

Imagine receiving a detailed interpretation that would offer you questions to think about, symbolism to dig into, and a pathway to make some new choices in your life.

Dream Interpretations give you inspiration, guidance, and personal tips for becoming more aligned with your higher power and living a fulfilled life.

How it works:

You will receive an individualized explanation and ways to further explore the many components of dreams.

  • Make payment.

  • You will receive an email with a detailed dream form. Complete and hit send.

  • Within 3 days, you will receive an email from me with all you will need to unpack the dream, explore any insight, and use its guidance to align your life with a higher purpose.


“I worked with Kristi to interpret a dream that has been recurring throughout my adult life. Before our session, I gave her the details of my dream which she followed up with a written document pulling out all the key elements of the dream and what they might mean as well as specific questions to think through before our meeting. When we met for our hour-long session, she began by educating me on the role, meaning, and validity of dreams in our lives. She did a great job calming my inner skeptic by bringing in the science behind dreams, consciousness, and symbolism. We then went through the major elements of my dream together and Kristi intuitively knew when to jump in with clarifying questions and when to sit back and let me work through factors of the elements on my own. This was most impressive to me as it demonstrated she understood my unique learning/information-processing style. We then moved to the integration part, or the part where we work through to "resolve" the dream. ”

BRI M., Missouri

“She explained that the nature of my recurring dream is an invitation to refine or show me a new way. This resonated well with me as it took the negative power of the dream away and reframed it in a way I was open to understanding and working through. Kristi then asked permission in order to lead me through a meditation to let go of the negative elements and invite what I needed from the dream into my life. She made me feel safe and free to express what was coming up for me and always knew when to let me sit in the experience and when to gently nudge me forward. This left me with a sense of peace and closure. We then discussed tangible, actionable steps/activities I could integrate into my life in order to continue the work my dream was inviting me to do. Kristi followed up with a written summary of our session and the action steps. Throughout the entire process, Kristi demonstrated understanding, nonjudgement, intuitive flexibility and a place of safety. I've never done anything like this before and her process was perfect for a natural skeptic like me! I recommend Kristi's dream interpretation to anyone.”

BRI M., Missouri (Part 2)

“Working with Kristi was an aha moment I would not have seen on my own. During our dream interpretation session she helped me to understand where I was stuck, what I needed to look at, and provided me with simple, actionable, aligned steps to move forward with a clear new perspective. Her intuition, experience, knowledge and compassion provides an opportunity for deeper awareness in a safe, nonjudgmental space. I understand myself more clearly and my circumstances feel less constricting. Allowing me to reorganize my beliefs and take action. This work is empowering and I highly recommend Kristi as a coach. She shares the tools she’s learned and shows you how important this work really is and I’m grateful for the role she is playing in my personal development.”


Dreams have many meanings and reflect your personal creativity to face and solve life’s problems.


These sessions are powerful touchpoints for leading your own life with authenticity and alignment with a higher purpose. This is new leadership for anyone wanting to be guided by intuition and make a much bigger impact in the world.

There are many pathways to unpack a dream. Each dream includes symbolism and metaphors, as well as archetypal instructions for living a fulfilled life. These sessions include intuitive guidance, as well as embodied experiences so that you can bypass the logical mind and explore a more conscious mindset. Together we integrate mindfulness practices using wisdom from the dream, develop emotional agency using the feeling tone from the dream, and internalize the learning edges derived from the dream’s consciousness. Dreams (even nightmares) come to show us a part of us we are not aware of so that we can learn about who we are and live authentically. This is new leadership and embodies creative problem-solving as a method for activating an advantage and living with satisfaction and happiness. These sessions will be scheduled individually through Kristi Peck Coaching. Once purchased, Kristi will contact you to schedule your first session.

If you have questions or want more insight into the integration of dream guidance, I offer single and 3-session package dream integration sessions. The sessions include a deeper interpretation that connects with personal experience and intuitive insight to help you uncover higher wisdom to make conscious choices.

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    $888.00Dream Integration Session Add-On

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