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I am cheering you on for Archetypal Activation!

The feeling of being alive and the sense of awe and wonder that envelopes every aspect of this wild life can really be intoxicating. It starts with choosing you, it happens when you choose to activate the lost self, and will always be available when you partner with the truth of who you are and your authentic way of expressing that truth.

Archetypal Activation is a 6-month coaching package designed to help you activate the lost self by welcoming the shadow within your personality and identifying the archetypes (or characters in your life story) that live within you. Creating a sustainable and infinite relationship with oneself helps us partner with the unconscious mind, increase awareness, release separateness and embody wholeness. Through this inner work, you will bring an archetypal edge to consciousness and yield advantage for your most desired success.

The beauty of activating the archetypes is the profound influence that begins to manifest in your external reality. Life begins to happen in a new and purposeful way so you can experience more satisfaction, peace and abundance.

You will receive:

  • 12 one-on-one 55-minute inner work via Zoom or phone

  • Individualized email support as a follow-up to your inner work.

  • Personal active visualizations and guided imagery are created for you.

  • Email and text support access to Kristi for in-the-moment coaching (using What’s App)

  • Dreamwork to accompany the inner work sessions

  • Creation of an oracle deck as you work with your archetypes and demonstration for how to use in your daily self-connection.


“In our ongoing work together, Kristi has helped me to re-establish a daily spiritual practice in which I connect with my higher Self. She has shown me why this essential centering ritual is an anchor point for becoming a disciple of my own truth, rather than looking to the external world for validation. I was looking for depth coaching to help me see what was holding me back from pursuing my dreams, and Kristi was the right choice for me. Given her intuitive ability, she gets to the heart of the matter quickly. Through archetypal work, she has shown me how to connect with parts of myself that have been hidden in my Shadow and that need nurturing. As I evolve my consciousness, I am witnessing myself becoming increasingly more of my True Self. I highly recommend Kristi as a coach if you want to do deep, transformational work. ”

JENN P., Atlanta, GA

“Wow what an incredible 6 months I've had! Kristi has given me the confidence to interpret my own dreams. I have good dream recall so this guidance feels magical. I've deepened my spiritual practice. I now feel connected, guided, and supported by the universe and my spirit guides. It's become my favorite time of the day rather than a chore! I now recognize the different archetypes that are trying to come through whereas before I would have put it down to ego chatter. This connection has been so profound. I feel confident to call in different archetypes when I need them and recognize when I have too little or too much of one. Kristi gave me the tools to empower myself so I can take control and not feel reliant on her and that the power is inside of me not in the external. ”


“I recognize my own limiting patterns and make conscious choices. Through this I have stopped binge eating, I've lost weight, started fitness, and feel good in my body. I now socialize and have fun. The old me was serious and wouldn't allow myself this time. I have had the best financial month ever! I am now financially independent!! This has been on my goal board for years. The emotions that I used to push away through fear are now my strength. I allow and honor all of my emotions. They have so much wisdom in them. What once felt like a weakness is now my power. I'm so excited to start creating! The possibilities are endless. I'm full of love and gratitude for Kristi. She has a gift and my time with her has been life-changing. ”

STACEY D., UK (Part 2)


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Then, choose your payment plan below. You have two options:

- Pay in full for $6444

- Pay monthly for 6 months for $1166

Once payment is made and I have received your signature on the coaching agreement, you will be able to schedule our 1st session. Each session is scheduled separately.

I am excited you decided to claim your worthiness and choose the truth of who you are in this moment.

It’s time for YOU to break free of conditioned patterns that keep you playing small so YOU can live your soul’s vision for health, wealth and freedom.