Inner conflict shows up as pain or sensation in the body.

Everyday stress, conflict in relationships, and disagreements with family members all impact the body. These seemingly simple conflicts result in the wisdom of the body to communicate insight and intuition for a higher purpose.

Imagine receiving the optimal zone of application from your higher self so that you can integrate wisdom from your pain, be inspired to shift your perception about the conflict, and be guided with practical tools for reclaiming personal power

This is a 1:1 self-healing session to open channels for your own intuitive wisdom to help you trust your body.

Are you ready to welcome peace in the body?

This session will help you:

  • Begin to become unstuck on your healing journey.

  • Learn how to live beyond the pain.

  • Understand and activate your mind-body wisdom.

  • Discover how your pain connects you to your inner authority.

  • Address the conflict that results from being separated from the self.

Sessions may include and are not limited to breath work, mind-body techniques, guided imagery, active visualization and journaling.

In a deeply relaxed state, you can remember who you are and begin to trust the inner knowing that is your natural state of awareness. Bypassing the ego agenda, we can integrate true potential.

ADD-ON: 3-Session Sacred Art of Self-Healing Package $888

THIS IS AN ADD-ON SESSION FOLLOWING A MIND-BODY SELF-HEALING SESSION (A Mind-Body Self-Healing Session must be purchased in advance).

There is a spectrum of pain and conflict that can lead us to purpose and infinite wisdom. The body has natural tendencies to create healing pathways that can lead to a more fulfilled life.  

In a deeply embodied state, the sacred remembering of higher consciousness and inner knowing can replace lower emotional states of vibration and the ego agenda for control. These sessions will include activating true potential using visualization, guided imagery, and dreamwork. 

Once activated, the self-healing process that is internally registered in the body can create greater consciousness and instantly begin to orchestrate new ways to live everyday life. Illuminate wholeness so that you can transcend inner conflict and limitation into self-generated value, insight, creative problem-solving, happiness, and love.

In the most authentic way, turn pain into purpose. Using mind-body practices and intuitive mediumship, we can explore body wisdom, creative intelligence, and the inner path to your remembering.

These sessions are not to replace any recommendation or diagnosis from a physician or medical provider.  

Sessions are scheduled individually through Kristi Peck Coaching. Once purchased, Kristi will contact you to schedule your first session.

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    $1,110.00Sacred Art of Self-Healing Package Add-On

    Mind-Body Self-Healing Session + 3-Session Add-on: Sacred Art of Self-Healing Package
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